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Since 1941, Robal Ditch Solutions (RDS) has been a pioneer in the water movement and conservation business in California.  Their core focus is building one to two foot bottom concrete-lined supply ditches which transport water for agriculture.  In addition, they offer alternative lining solutions as well as pipeline installation, ditch repair, gates, structures, weirs and other irrigation supplies.


Robal, Inc. was named for the Robinson and Balatti families when it was originally established in Los Banos in 1941. In 1999, Jerry Wooten purchased the business and recently changed the name to Robal Ditch Solutions (RDS).  


With water conservation at the forefront of every farmer's mind, Wooten stays up to speed on current trends and regulations and continually looks for ways to expand his offerings to better help farmers conserve water and save on labor by moving water more effeciently.  He works closely with several California water districts and canal companies and is knowledgeable with regard to the funding options available thru Federal and State conservation programs.





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